Urban planning

A master plan and two local project development plans foresee up to 3,000 apartments for approximately 6,000 people in Hahnstrasse and Lyoner Strasse over the next few years.

Development plans:

Development plan No. 885 – Hahnstrasse

The development plan for Hahnstrasse allows for the construction of around 1,200 apartments. An empty office building is currently being demolished to create a site where apartments, shops and a nursery can be built.

Development plan No. 885 (Hahnstrasse), status: 22 July 2013


Development plan No. 872 – Lyoner Strasse

The first cranes are already at work in Lyoner Strasse. Other developers and builders are already on the starting block. As soon as the last political decisions have been made, residential construction work can start in full force.

Master plan for development plans No. 885 (Hahnstrasse) and No. 872  (Lyoner Strasse), Status: November 2015